A challenging four day supported Ramble Ride from Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs, Colorado…


Date: July 15

Time: 8:00 am


Cost: $800

Event Website

Organizer: Peter Discoe

Email: ramblerides@gmail.com

The first route, challenging and tough: long days, heat, climbs, elevation. In 2020, even tougher. With Buffalo Pass closed in July for resurfacing, we have the opportunity to add an additional day, heading over the Zirkel Range into Wyoming before heading into Steamboat Springs. Now 267 miles and just under 23K of climbing over four days. If you are looking for a challenge, this is it. This won’t be a ride for you if you’re not ready and don’t prepare for it as it’s tough with lots of elevation gain, exposed climbs, and long days. But with big challenged come big rewards. It’ll be a ride you’ll talk about for a long time. And don’t worry, we’re still stopping in Walden.

NOW A FOUR DAY ADVENTURE. The original Ramble, the Steamboat Ramble travels through the Roosevelt and Routt National Forests, starting in Fort Collins and ending in Steamboat Springs CO. On the route, we’ll travel through stunning landscapes, grand vistas, and desolate backdrops. We return to the town of Walden for the second night, and ultimately over Buffalo Pass on our way to Steamboat Springs.

The ride starts in Fort Collins and ends in Steamboat Springs CO. 267 miles, 22,913 ft of climbing.