The Allegheny Mountains Loop is a 400-mile bicycle route created and mapped by the ACA. The route begins and ends at Virginia Tech’s War Memorial Chapel in Blacksburg, VA. A “Grand Depart” of Individual Time Trials is proposed each year on the last Friday in APRIL at 6:00am EST.


Date: April 28, 2017

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Chris Tompkins



Virginia Tech War Memorial Chapel

601 Drillfield Dr
Blacksburg, VA United States

The AML_400 is a challenge based on one simple idea: Complete the 400-mile AML in a clock-wise direction pedaling north on the western half of the loop and southbound on the eastern half of the route as fast as possible.

IMPORTANT: This “challenge” includes climbing the “Ridge Alternate” and the “Mountain Lake Cutoff” on the southbound portion of the route which are considered optional segments on ACA maps.

The 2016 route was AMENDED to include MORE gravel and LESS pavement.

ACA Maps

The new segments depart from ACA’s “published” 2013 route for the AML 400 challenge that can be clearly seen using the route map. ACA’s maps are in the process of REVISION to include the changes that were raced in 2016. ACA’s maps are LOADED with accurate LIFE-SAVING information and are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for AML_400 challegers.