Organized by Umbria Bikepacking, AUGH is a two-day group ride through the Umbrian mountains…


Date: July 8

Time: 8:00 am


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Organizer: Umbria bikepacking



Piazza della Repubblica

Foligno, Umbria 06034 Italy

Those who already know us know what awaits him….we meet at the starting point (Foligno) to cycle together in the Umbrian Apennines.

These are our places, we are lucky to live in a fantastic area for cycling and so we want to share it.

One of the novelties of AUGH 2023, will be two tracks to choose from of different height difference + and kilometres.

On both days, about halfway along the track there will be a refreshment point where you can stop for refreshment and rest. Everyone is free to decide on their preferred pace and rhythm.

In the evening, you arrive at the village, surrounded by the nature of the Apennines. Dinner, drinks, prizes and DJ and we party together.

You sleep in a tent (but there is also the option of a mattress + sleeping bag in a wooden structure), the next morning you have breakfast together and return to the starting point.