The 1,200 km route has been carefully crafted to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina “in a nutshell” and passes through National Parks, along rivers, lakes and waterfalls, over 1984 Winter Olympics ski centres, by UNESCO World Heritage sites and generally over stunning (and hilly) terrain…


Date: August 29

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: €103

Event Website

Organizer: Nikica Atlagic


B-HARD is a single-stage non-stop self-supported cycling ultra race, which follows a fixed 1,200 km asphalt route on roads not closed for traffic with obligatory time controls at designated checkpoints.

Although unsupported in its essence, it’s not a hardcore survival task but a perfect blend of our traditional hospitality, sightseeing and cycling – we sincerely believe it will be an amazing and unforgettable cycling experience, both for expert and novice endurance riders alike.

Even though the route is far from easy (cue the name B-HARD), it has not just been plotted out to be “extreme” or “epic” for its own sake – though it definitely comes across as both. B-HARD has been created by riders for riders, so you basically won’t get anything that we wouldn’t want for ourselves. On the contrary, a lot of things were taken into account in order to make it the best cycling experience possible.

The event offers a self-supported cycling ultramarathon race (aka ultra race), official LRM1200 and BRM200 brevet/audax rides, promotional road cycling ride for women and an option of a fully supported 4-stage touring ride – so there is something for everyone, although the main focus is on the prestigious race.

And the last but not the least – B-HARD is wholeheartedly organised by a non-profit organisation, with the goal of promoting cycling and tourism in the region, so all the resources are passed on to the riders, meaning you get a lot for your money. In fact, we’d go as far to say that B-HARD is the best value event of this kind on the planet!


Event photo by Srdjan Vujmilovic