The Black Tooth Epic is a 250-mile singletrack bikepacking event in Wyoming. Join for the four day group ride or ride it on your own…


Date: July 29, 2024

Time: 6:00 am


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The Black Tooth Epic is a 250 mile single track route in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming featuring approximately 35,000 feet of climbing. If this course could be described in one word, that word is WILD! Away from the main roads, this route is very lightly traveled. The course has been redisigned so that there is a resupply approximately every 50 miles and less hike a bike than in the past. Experienced single track bikepackers will find most of this route to be rideable, but, as with most cross country courses there are parts where everyone will hike a bike, and there are a few sections where hiking down is recommended over riding.

The Big Horns are amazingly lush, with lots of water. The best time to ride this route is from late July until the snow flies. This later start provides a drier course, fewer mosquitos, and more trails. The course is full of varied scenery, from snow capped peaks, lush meadows, lakes and ponds with lilly pads, to dry and rocky seabeds from the cretaceous period. A mass start, 4 day event is planned for July 29, 2024, but the route is always open for touring and ITT’s.