The Border Epic comes from the creators of the Hydra Epic—a 600km or 1,700km unsupported gravel event along the Lithuanian border…


Date: September 8, 2022

Time: 3:00 pm


Cost: €120

Event Website

Organizer: Hydra Epic


“Border Epic” is a fast child of Baltic unsupported bikepacking challenge called “Hydra Epic” and is the second event of “Epic” kind. The idea is to use the gravel roads when they are in the best condition – autumn, when they are a bit wet, but solid. The route was born from the tourism route that we as riders started using from 2008 and were fascinated in, wanting to show and share this route with other gravel lovers.

The remote border roads have low traffic, lots of fauna, are highly forested, unusually hilly compared to other Lithuania’s parts, meets Baltic seaside in the west