The Castles Quest is a self-supported bikepacking adventure in Portugal that links historical villages and culturally relevant landmarks together on an epic adventure…


Date: September 27

Time: 8:00 am


Cost: €120

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Organizer: The Castles Quest


The Castles Quest is a self-supported adventure, meaning that the participant is on his own in a concept and philosophy of BIKEPACKING.

For adventurers on two wheels, the GR22 is a mythical route. An immensely varied route, with paths that cross mountains, plains, agricultural landscapes, riverside areas, natural parks and protected reserves, venturing through the territory of the Historical Villages of Portugal by bicycle could not be more exciting. Much of the route coincides with the walking side, however there are cycling alternatives that offer new perspectives to discover the history, heritage and nature of the territory. Approved and classified as a Great Crossing in Portugal, the GR22 has throughout its extension a network of MTB Centers and Bikotels that allow support services required by bicycle lovers.

Nature in the wild. Medieval castles. Places full of legends, flavors and traditions. Discover the Great Route of the Historical Villages of Portugal and follow this magnificent route that, with about 560km, will allow you to conquer the 12 villages.