The inaugural Desertus Bikus event is a self-guided race across Spain, from the Bay of Biscay to the Costal Del Sol…


Date: April 23, 2022

Time: 12:00 am


Cost: €150

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Relive the first Paris-Dakar at the first edition of this unique bicycle rally-raid: 777 miles with 7 miles of elevation gain, find your own route and completely self-supported… in a week.

Start on 4/23/22 form Anglet in France and finish in Fuengirola in Spain on 5/01/22. During this time, choose the best itinerary and find the best strategy according to the weather conditions and other competitors. You will have to cross the 4 big deserts of Spain : Bardenas Desert, Montanas Vacias, Gorafe Desert, Tabernas Desert.

Like the Vendée Globe race, your fans will be able to follow you by using a tracker and you can follow your opponents (#vendeeglobevelo).

Follow along live here.

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