The Evergreen Grinder is the pacific north-west’s premier gravel adventure race, testing even the most prepared cyclists…


Date: December 4

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Evergreen Gravel Racing


The Evergreen Grinder gravel race is our flagship event here at Evergreen Gravel Racing. What started in 2017 as something to keep my friends and I motivated to ride during the long, cold, wet winter, has become an event favored by serious racers and laid-back party-pacers alike. While the courses change every year, they always promise long climbs, fast and flowing descents, and enough unpredictability in weather and road conditions to keep even the most prepared participants on their toes. Last year over 100 people raced, and I hope this year you will join us!

For the 5th running of the Evergreen Grinder, I decided to celebrate in a big way- so, in addition to the 60 and 100 mile courses, there will be a 150 mile course this year- The Evergreen Grinder XL- with over 17,000ft of elevation gain. Course descriptions are as follows:

Evergreen Grinder Light: 60 Miles/7,500ft- Ideal for first time racers, those who do not want to be out all day, or those who just want to take their time and enjoy the views.

Evergreen Grinder Classic: 100 Miles/12,000ft- The classic distance, perfect for pushing your limits, riding some of the best roads and trails in the North West, and still (maybe) finishing before the sun goes down.

Evergreen Grinder XL150 150 Miles/17,500ft- New for this year, designed specifically for those racers who want to go big, test their endurance, mental fortitude, and push their outer limits. It will be gnarly.