The 2019 Fat Pursuit Winter Camp is a 5 day supported, winter tour in Yellowstone Country with a focus on skill development and practice.


Date: January 11

Time: 12:00 pm


Cost: $999

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Fat Pursuit Winter Camp

ISLAND PARK, ID United States

Our training camp is designed for the 1st time winter rider as well as for the more experienced winter traveler. This camp will further your knowledge and education about winter bike packing and survival in the variable conditions one might encounter during a winter bike adventure.

Whether you are preparing for an upcoming multi-day snow bike race or looking to enjoy a day ride, you are certain to take away several new tricks and tips by attending our camp.

We will share our experience, gear knowledge and techniques of riding a snow bike and camping on snow trails.   Along the way, we will also share with you how to manage and stay comfortable in a range of temperatures, including -40F.  Having the right gear that works for you and knowing how to use it, is essential. All the little tricks which we have acquired by trial and error through thousands of miles of winter riding and camping will be of benefit to you. It may save your fingers, nose, toes or possibly your life one day.

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1 lunch and 4 dinners are provided, as well as in depth theory and practice on a variety of subjects. Sponsor goodie bags, 15% off the 2020 Fat Pursuit, and the Winter Camp 2019 is a qualifier for the 2020 350 mile and 130 mile Iditarod Trail Invitational race in Alaska.

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