The Great Southern Brevet is a 1,100km self-supported bikepacking adventure around the Central South Island of New Zealand…


Date: January 21

Time: 11:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Matthew Hughes


The GSB is possibly the most stunning and inspirational 1100km ride you can find on our little planet. Many would describe it as a life-changing experience to complete these southern courses for the first time. A great challenge, with great people, and great country.

Whilst we don’t generally treat bike-packing events in NZ as races, there is often a little competition at the front for bragging rights. There is no entry fee as this is really just one big group ride. Spot tracking is required for safety.

Depending on your pace, it is one of the tougher bike-packing rides, so the reward is huge! The lows make the highs even higher. So it’s a win win…afterwards.

Kiwis are always pretty quick to help out foreign riders. So if you need a pickup from Christchurch Airport and a lift to the startline or accommodation etc, just post your question on the Facebook page or message me. it won’t be a problem.

Live Tracking

Follow along live below…