The Huracan 300 Challenge is the ultimate self-supported bikepacking race through the state of Florida. Boasting over 100 miles of singletrack and some of Florida’s hardest and longest climbs…are you up for the challenge?


Date: February 4, 2023

Time: 8:00 am


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Organizer: SINGLETRACK SAMURAI / Karlos Bernart


The Huracan 300 Challenge is the ULTIMATE OFF-ROAD ENDURANCE EXPERIENCE in the state of Florida. The route features over 100 miles of singletrack, many remote miles of double-track forest roads and abandoned paths, and a few miles of pavement here and there. During the route, riders cross numerous forests, The Cross Florida Greenway, two mountain bike parks, and miles of some of Florida’s longest and hardest climbs. That’s right; we said long and hard.

Routes will be completed, finalized, and released by December 1st, 2022; there will be 2 routes available. You can only choose one; choose wisely. If you want both files, select the special ticket with pricing for both!

Original HuRaCaN Route,370 miles of the most challenging Florida terrain. Expect everything you have ever heard about the Huracan from all your friends, with a few more surprises thrown in. This is the route everyone talks about.

The HuRaCaN Lite is a 340-mile route with almost no singletrack or river crossings. It will combine Dirt roads, A-Roads, B-Roads, Bikepath, and major roads. This is essentially a Skinnier tire friendlier version of the route. The minimum recommended tire width is 40MM.