The ISTRALAND Bikepacking Adventure follows a 420km route that will take you across the entire Istrian peninsula…


Date: September 30, 2022

Time: 8:00 am


Cost: €45

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Organizer: Luca Petrinka and Beatrice Mezzena Lona


ISTRALAND is a trip to discover the wonders of Istria, a triangular-shaped peninsula in the turquoise Adriatic Sea. This route is a complete geographical overview of the region. It will lead you from the breathtaking view on the Dalmatia islands to the crystal clear sea of Kamenjak National Park, from the singletrack of Učka ridge to the dusty gravel roads by the coastline.

Be ready for a bike adventure that will unveil the secrets of the three colors of Istria: White Istria, as the limestones around the mountain peaks; Grey (or Yellow) Istria, as the fertile inner lands; and Red Istria, as the clayey land near the coastline.