Korea Epic Ride is a 623km group ride intended to promote Korea’s bicycle camping routes and for riders to get our and practice with their gear…


Date: June 18

Time: 9:00 am


Event Website

Organizer: kiseok uhm

Email: koreaepicride@gmail.com

KoreaEpicRide is a self-support bikepacking event.

As a group ride, not a race, you start the first day of the event at the same time, but you decide where to eat and where to sleep. Accommodation is not available, wild camping or commercial campsites are available. You can use the restaurant or buy groceries on the course.

If you bike this 623km long and 15,500m elevation, you will pass through Korea’s deep mountains area and reach the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The highest level is 1,330m from sea level.

This route consists of a forest road that crosses the dense subtropical forest while ascending and descending along the mountain range that forms the backbone of the Korean Peninsula, and a paved road in the countryside where vehicles are rare, or small roads that pass through villages and farmland. Forest roads are sometimes steep (15% and more), but overall they are in good condition, most of which are managed by the local Forest Service.

​On the first day of event, Gravel Fondo also going on.

Gravel Fondo course is 57 km in one day. Athletes participating in the Epic Ride category also ride this course initially. Sponsor operates two supply stations. (at 24km and 37km from the start).