Kromvojoj is a self-supported ultra endurance race in the Catalonia region of Spain. 1,400km and three mandatory checkpoints along the way…


Date: May 20

Time: 7:00 pm


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Organizer: Kromvojoj CC



Carrer de la Ginesta

Reus, Tarragona 43206 Spain

Our aim is for ‘Kromvojoj’ to offer an ultra-distance and self-sufficient cycling experience in a territory with unique characteristics. Catalonia has a rich landscape, connected by an extensive network of secondary roads that lead us through historic villages, with great cultural diversity, so participants will have countless opportunities to absorb this richness and this is what really matters to us.

Kromvojoj is a word that comes from Esperanto and describes possible and diverse paths. A definition that fits with what our project aims to demonstrate. Our proposal, although based on a single mandatory route from start to finish, adopts its name because it puts the focus on the essential; the cycling community, one’s own and shared experiences.
Kromvojoj proposes a circular route starting and finishing in the town of Reus, in the province of Tarragona.
The route covers 1,400 kilometres with an accumulated elevation gain of 24,000 metres.

Along the route there are 3 checkpoints: Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes (Alt Empordà), Port de la Bonaigua (Val d’Aran) and Mont Caro (Baix Ebre).