La Baroudeuse on the Road is a road-based ultra endurance event offered in a 400km, 800km, and 2,700km option, following some of the most iconic passes in Europe.


Date: August 15

Time: 8:00 pm


Cost: €131 – €211

Event Website

Organizer: Cédric Amand


La Baroudeuse on the Road offers three ultra road adventures: The challenge Trans-Alpes – Magnus Race: 2,700km that crosses the chain of the Alps in its entirety, Titus Race: 800km to live a very intense adventure between France and Italy and finally Brutus Race: 400km for cyclists who want to discover bikepacking.

Over the kilometers and the altitude, the mountains will show you their majestic beauty. They will allow you to travel through varied landscapes of incredible richness through exceptional natural parks an recognized and respected passes of all cyclists. Every time you hit the pedals, the breathtaking panoramas will pass through the 5 countries crossed ! You will evolve through an incomparable fauna and flora that make the richness of this adventure.