The Normandicat is a 900km, one-stage cycling event, looping through some of Normandy’s most artistic and historically relevant areas.


Date: May 29, 2019

Time: 10:00 pm


Cost: €55

Event Website

Organizer: Xavier Pesnel


The Normandicat is a one-stage cycling event, with a total length of 900 km without assistance and complete autonomy. The Normandicat is also a test of initiation to ultra-cycling, about 400 km.

Normandy is a natural setting with a thousand and one landscapes. An artistic and architectural heritage that testifies to a thousand-year-old history, as well as a tasty and world-famous gastronomy.

A cycling event where a cyclist can simply take a bike, go on the starting line and travel hundreds of kilometers for the pure satisfaction of the sport, the adventure and the passing of oneself.

Normandicat is the rediscovery of the first days of cycling. A time when the cyclist was traveling hundreds of kilometers without assistance, slept a few hours and left the next day whatever the weather. A time when the stages of the first rounds of France exceeded 400 km.