The Oregon Timber Trail Race and Tour is an unofficial bikepacking event along the spine of Oregon from the California border to the Washington border. The majority of the route is singletrack.


Date: July 13

Time: 8:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Chip Andrus



Fremont National Forest


The event offers up two distances for 2024. The shorter version occurs along the southernmost 300 miles of the Oregon Timber Trail route, starting near the California border and ending in Oakridge. Riders of the 700 mile version will continue on from Oakridge to the end of the OTT at Hood River. Choose to race it unsupported or connect with others and ride together in tour mode. Early July brings sunshine, pleasant temperatures to this part of Oregon.

The 300 mile version is 58% singletrack with most of the remainder being gravel and dirt roads. Some of the singletrack sections are rough and steep. It starts with the Crane Mountain National Recreation Trail along high ridges of the Warner Mountains, takes in the Fremont National Recreation Trail with its expansive views to the north, and winds through lush forest on the iconic Middle Fork Willamette Trail. There’s only one supply point along the way and water sources are limited.

The 700 mile version is 52% singletrack and most of the trails beyond Oakridge are fun and flowy. Also, civilization is closer at hand. Yet, the mountain vistas, old forests, and clear lakes never let up (

Various mountain bike groups (OTTA, OTA, COTA, STA, 44 Trails, and HRATS) and the Forest Service maintain the trails along the Oregon Timber Trail route. Without this group effort the route wouldn’t be possible.

The Oregon Timber Trail is similar to the Arizona Trail in the percentage of singletrack, route length, and technical difficulty. It is less difficult than the Colorado Trail. How long will it take to race the Oregon Timber Trail? The fastest known time for the 300 is about three days and the fastest for the 700 is still waiting to be claimed.

This is not an organized or sanctioned event. It’s simply a group out to ride their bikes on the same route at the same time.