The Oregon Timber Trail 300 Race is an unofficial challenge that takes place on the 688-mile-long Oregon Timber Trail, a majority singletrack route along the spine of Oregon from the California border to the Washington border.


Date: July 8, 2023

Time: 8:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Chip Andrus



Cave Lake Campground

Modoc National Forest CA United States

This edition of the race will occur on the rugged southernmost 300 miles of the trail. It starts near the California border and ends in Oakridge, one of the Pacific Northwest’s more popular mountain bike scenes.

The race is 302 miles long and 66% is singletrack. Gravel and dirt roads make up 26 percent and the remainder is pavement with little traffic. Included is a hearty 25,000 feet of climbing. It starts with the Crane Mountain National Recreation Trail, takes in the Fremont National Recreation Trail, and ends on the iconic Middle Fork Willamette Trail. There’s only one supply point along the way and water sources are limited. Early July brings sunshine and pleasant temperatures.

The Oregon Timber Trail 300 is similar to the Arizona Trail 300 but without the many thorns and aggressive rattlesnakes. It is more isolated, more rugged, and absolutely beautiful. The locals are more charming too. The fastest know time for this stretch of the Oregon Timber Trail is just over three days. Can you beat it? This is not an organized or sanctioned event. It’s simply a group out to ride their bikes on the same route at the same time.

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