Pinyons and Pines is a 300-mile self-supported bikepacking race that explores some of the best riding in Arizona…


Date: October 10, 2020

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Dana Ernst


Event photo by Kurt Refsnider

Pinyons and Pines is an underground self-supported bikepacking race that starts and ends in Flagstaff, AZ (6,910 feet). The route is a magnificent tour of Northern Arizona, utilizing a mixture of singletrack, double track, and dirt roads. The start and finish are at Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution, located at 3 South Mikes Pike, sandwiched between Pizzicletta and Mother Road Brewery. The course for 2020 is roughly 300 miles and consists of a Southern Portion (149 miles) and the Northern Portion (157 miles). The total elevation gain for the route is about 24,000 feet, split evenly between the two portions.

The Southern Portion is 149 miles and passes through Sedona (4,350 feet) prior to following a mixture of dirt roads and the Arizona Trail back to Flagstaff. The Northern Portion is 157 miles and circumnavigates several extinct volcanoes, including the San Francisco Peaks, home to Humphreys Peak (12,633 feet), the highest point in Arizona. Each year, the Southern Portion will more or less stay the same while the Northern Portion will differ from year to year, typically alternating between a clockwise and a counterclockwise orientation. Most years the Northern Portion will overlap substantially with the popular Craters and Cinder Cones Loop.

Riders can choose between two categories: solo or duo (2-person team). Please consult the rules prior to registering for the event. Feel free to ask questions on the event’s Facebook group (or post in the forum on Check out the event recap from last year’s race over on

Follow along live below:

Make sure to check out last year’s event recap here, which includes a write up from Dana Ernst and photos gathered up from the participants.