Much more than just a bad idea, the Stupid Pony is a ride from Eagle Mountain to Wendover, NV on the historic Pony Express route…


Date: October 8, 2021

Time: 6:30 am


Cost: $60

Event Website

Organizer: Robert Kennedy


It’s happening again, that thing where a bunch of otherwise healthy and sane adult people put aside their good sense to ride on the Pony Express National Historic Trail across Utah from Eagle Mountain to Wendover in one damned sitting. Over 200 miles. Almost entirely gravel. And, like, rough gravel at that. Why? Because it’s stupid pretty. And quiet. And wide open. And because there’s something about the thought of being out in the middle of nowhere on your own on your bike, cruising false flats between mountain ranges among vast plains of ochre rabbitbrush with immense herds of pronghorn antelope motor pacing you that interferes with decision-making. There’s going to be lots of distance, good friends, and a LOT of time to yourself to rue your shitty risk-management apparatus.

So come join us! It’s really pretty out here. You probably won’t regret it, even!

Event photo by Sam Rice