Sunset Limited is a 365 mile all-road race, brought to you by Salsa Cycles, Oveja Negra Bikepacking, and Blue Dog Bicycles.


Date: September 27, 2019

Time: 6:30 am


Cost: $20

Event Website

Organizer: Nathaniel Woiwode


A Bicycle Race p/b Salsa Cycles and Oveja Negra Bikepacking. The Sunset Limited is 365 mile all-road adventure named after the AmTrak line that it parallels. The ride will put riders on a straight line east from Tucson, AZ to Las Cruces, NM. The ride is a mixture of paved and unpaved roads. We can’t call it gravel because of the long stretches of some of the most remote pavement in the US, but there are nice portions of pretty well-graded gravel over the Santa Ritas, the Dragoon Mountains, and the Chiricuahuas. The real challenge will come on New Mexico HWY 9. There are no hard climbs, there are no swooping turns, there’s no real traffic to worry about. There’s just nothing.. forever. You go, and you go, and you go. The isolation is remarkable.

363 miles east. That’s it.

Almost none. We’ll have a small comfort station p/b Salsa Cycles. Where is it on the course? Well… we’re not tellin’! How’s that. Self-Supported rules do not apply to this race, however. If you’d like to have a loved one set up 69 sag stations for you from Tucson to Cruces, that’s aye-okay with us, but you might go pretty slow.

We’ll have attrition points at Sonoita, Portal, and Hachita. If you quit at Sonoita or Portal, we’re drivin’ you back to Tucson. If you quit in Hachita, we’re drivin’ you to Las Cruces. We’ll be at the campground until Tuesday night. Try to get there by then.

Figure it out for yourself. A group of us are renting a UHaul van and truck to drive back to Tucson. So if you’d like to get in on that just holler at us and we can make that happen for you. There’s also the AmTrak in El Paso, the line called “The Sunset Limited”. That takes you back to Tucson. You could carpool in the discussion area here. OR…. you pedal back with HUMAN POWERED AMAZINGNESS!

If you have any questions feel free to ask away. Thank you kindly.