The Tassie Gift is a relentless 1,800km bikepacking event along roads, trails, goat tracks on the island of Tasmania. This will not be easy…


Date: November 3, 2023

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Emma Flukes


Tassie Gift is a bikepacking route on the edge of the Earth. It is not a gravel ride, nor a touring route. It does not profess to be a mountain bikers’ haven, nor a FKT friendly experiment. It is a tough, gritty, at times ugly jigsaw puzzle pieced together through a labour of love that started from scratch: targeting the very best secrets this little island has locked away; and finding the roads, trails, goat tracks and not-tracks that would allow these to be wrangled into a loop format. It’s undergone countless iterations and expansions that have at times necessitated some pretty mercenary pruning. The route showcases the enormous diversity Tassie has to offer yet barely scratches the surface. A dating profile, if you like.

Live Tracking

A scenic trip to hell.
36,000 vertical m
Off-road. Off-grid. Unsupported. Unsanctioned.
Sometimes the smallest places guard the biggest secrets.