With three different route options to choose from, the Loop Vienna is a bikepacking event in Austria where everyone finishes together…


Date: July 6, 2023

Time: 8:30 am


Event Website

Organizer: Max Riese (gravgrav.cc) and Moritz Alzberger-Kenny (The Grand Funhog)

Email: max.riese@gravgrav.cc

The Loop is the first bikepacking, ultra distance event where everyone arrives together!

Participants can choose between:
– 51h of riding for 3 days The Grand Loop
– 27h of riding for an Overnighter Loop
– 12h of riding for a Long Day loop

While kilometres are our currencies and the participant with most kilometres wins, riding your bike is only one way to gain kilometres. Challenges that cater fast hares and/or smart tortoises will spice up the race and make this a whole different experience!

Come along and join the fun!