The Thunderbolts Adventure is a 230km ride in the remote wilderness region of the Barrington Tops in New South Wales…


Date: May 22

Time: 8:00 am


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Organizer: Graveleur



Gloucester Bowling Club

Park Street
Gloucester, NSW 2422 Australia

What is the Thunderbolts Adventure and when will it be held?
This year will be the fifth year that the Thunderbolts Adventure has been run by Graveleur. It is an overnight gravel adventure in the remote wilderness region of the Barrington Tops in New South Wales. It is designed for competent cyclists who are experienced in long distance riding. The 2021 edition of the Thunderbolts Adventure will be run on 22 – 23 May 2021.

Who is Graveleur?
Graveleur is a cycling community drawn together by one thing – back road exploring. Our purpose is to build Australia’s gravel community. This is a movement – not a race – it is about enjoying the ride and stopping occasionally to soak in the atmosphere. Graveleur is about the journey, not the destination. We encourage each other to explore gravel and unsealed roads across Australia to find new adventures and to see new places.

Graveleur embraces this spirit of adventure and anyone is welcome to join.
We are more about the real world ride than the digital community although we use the latter to inspire and equip ourselves for the adventure. Building a hub where you can find out where these classic gravel rides are, is what we are all about. You can find gravel to ride, join in and along with like minded people, chat about cycling to inspire each other to go further.

Total number of Riders?
The Thunderbolts Adventure has attracted increasing interest over the last five years. The first edition saw 39 riders roll out to complete the event in one day, numbers have grown to under 100 in 2019 and 180 registrations in 2020. Entries in 2021 will be capped at 250

Is it a race?
No. But kind of. A few will aim for line honours and Strava bragging rights, but most will just enjoy the ride at a sustainable pace and look to team up with a small bunch of riders of similar ability. This is a social cycling event and you can be sure you’ll go home with some new riding buddies.

Whether you are racing yourself or others there is a chance you could be riding by yourself at times, so it is most important that you come fully prepared and self-sufficient. Better still bring your mates who you normally ride with and you are sure to have a great ride in spectacular country with friends.

What are the route options?
The event is 230 kms with approximately 5000 vm of elevation over two days. Riders traverse the entire Barrington Tops and return to the start point in Gloucester via a mostly remote gravel roads. This is an Overnighter, that will be a tough but enjoyable two days – the total distance was completed in one day by riders for the 2017 and 2018 events. 2021 will see the reintroduction of an Individual Time Trial (ITT) – this version of the event will be fully self supported, with no outside assistance provided to riders. The ITT will have a cash prize split 50/50 for male and female riders.

Who is supporting and sponsoring the event?
In 2021 we are proud to be associated with and supported by the following companies:
CURVE Cycling, KLite, Rapha, Panaracer, Skin Grows Back, SMOOVE Lube, Ottolock, Selle Repente, Prism, Sticky Bottle, Brookvale, Omafiets, Synergy Trails

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