TransAlpes is a 2,850km self-supported race with 20 mandatory checkpoints from Slovenia to Ljubljana…


Date: July 20

Time: 12:00 pm


Event Website

Organizer: Cédric Amand – La Baroudeuse Organisation



La Turbie, France

La Turbie 06320 France

The TransAlpes is an ultra-distance self-sufficient road cycling adventure in the mountains across the most beautiful regions of Europe. It is available in 4 distances: 400K for cyclists who wish to discover bikepacking, 800K to experience a very intense adventure between France and Italy, 1200K between Provence and high mountains and finally the TransAlpes 2850K, the complete crossing of the Alpine Arc by the 5 countries.

Over the kilometers and the vertical drop, the mountains will reveal themselves of majestic beauty. They will allow you to travel through varied landscapes of incredible richness through exceptional Natural Parks, passes recognized and respected by all cyclists. With each pedal stroke, the breathtaking panoramas will scroll through the 5 countries crossed! You will evolve through an incomparable flora and fauna which make up the wealth of the TransAlpes.

“Last climb before the next one.”