Ultraknuckle is a 222-mile self-supported race in Utah with a 72-hour cutoff time…


Date: April 20, 2023

Time: 5:30 pm


Event Website

Organizer: Mooseknuckler Alliance

Email: lukas@mooseknuckleralliance.org


That’s a valid question. I’m not exactly sure where that name originated, but from what I gather, this is the newest, like bleeding-edge level bikepacking “race” style. Someone draws up a course that connects all the goods in an area. You know as much singletrack and killer riding as you can find. And then you ride it all in one go, carrying what you need to camp along the way.

An Ultraknuckle? Well, that’s our take on this concept.

I hope it is obvious that this is self-supported. You will need to carry what you need to stay on the road for the time it takes to finish the loop. There are plenty of places for resupply along the way, but also stretches where there is pretty much nothing. Do your research and be prepared.

You have 72 hours to complete the full 222-mile course, not cutting, no audibles to say you completed the Ultraknuckle and to score your high five.

Here’s to doing unnecessary shit!