The Vermont Super 8 is a self-supported bikepacking adventure following unmaintained roads, pathways, and singletrack…


Date: September 27

Time: 6:00 am


Event Website

Organizer: Daniel Jordan


The Vermont Super 8 Grand Depart will take place in Montpelier, VT on Friday, Sep 27th. Riders have three mileage options: the 280-mile North Lobe, the 375-mile South Lobe, or the 655-mile Full 8. The route contains every kind of terrain surface you can imagine exists in the Green Mountain State, including sections that may require hike-a-bike. See full details of the route at The route .gpx is frequently revised, and may continue to be revised up to the week before the Grand Depart.

You will need to be solely and completely responsible for your own services and support. Preparation should include ahead-of-time research to acquaint yourself with the route, with camping options and commercial resupply along the route. You need to bring enough gear to ride safely, visibly, and to stay dry and warm. We will provide you with a detailed .gpx file and some camping/resupply resources and information, but the rest is your responsibility alone. It will be paramount for riders to set well-informed expectations and to make contingency plans for the case that expectations aren’t met. You’re encouraged to peruse the results listings and ride reports of previous Super 8 riders.