The Wendigo Ultra is a self-supported fatbike event through Whitewater Township and into Quebec, with options for 50km, 100km, and further…


Date: February 25

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: $65 – $150

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The Wendigo Ultra is a 200km ultramarathon that begins in cobden, at the Whitewater Brewery, to Carleton Place, Ontario. the route takes riders alongthe rolling farmland and forests of the Ottawa valley, county of Renfrew and lanark county, all along the newly reclaimed rail trail – the Algonquin trail, also known as the Ottawa valley recreational trail, riders then return via that same route.

A new route for the 200k is in the works, in an effort to avoid the most southern section of the Algonquin Trail, from Almonte to Carleton Place.