WOLFman is a self-supported 555km race in the Orlické mountains…


Date: June 25

Time: 5:00 am


Cost: €83

Event Website

Organizer: Štěpán Stránský

Email: info@wolf-man.cz

The route is in the Orlické mountains. You will enjoy a lot of riding hills, mega power of single trails. Shops and restaurants available along the route. Perfect background and restpoint in the start / end / middle of the event – so you don’t have to take many things with you!

Events on the border between ultra and bikepacking are becoming more and more popular. WOLFman 555 cyclists usually conquer in 2 days (weekend). Start / restpoint in the middle / finish is in one place with great facilities. The mandatory break at the restpoint is 3 hours, which is enough time to regenerate and meet other bikers.

Men from 18 years of age, men from 60 years of age, women from 18 years of age, women from 60 years of age.

The route is designed to compete with fans of almost all types of bikes. From fatbikes, full suspension bikes, classic MTB, to gravels. The route is not suitable for tricycles, tandems, cyclocross bikes, road bikes.

The main WOLFman 555 tracker is Franta Žilák. There is no need to introduce this pioneer of enduro and especially man associated with nature. But don’t worry, he left the enduro at home when he traced WOLFman.

Background, regeneration, food, warmth of home, chat with bikers, original burnt wolf medal made of mahogany – oak wood, large-format photo in a frame by bikepacker and photographer Štěpán Stránský and much more…