Revelate Hopper Frame Bag: First Look

Revelate just announced the Hopper, a wedge frame bag with a magnetic flap opening. We got one in the mail last night and took it for a ride to give it a try. Here are all the specs, our first impressions, photos, and what all fits inside…

Released alongside of the Joey cargo bag, the Hopper is a wedge-style frame bag designed to fit almost any bike, including full-suspension frames with a vertically mounted shock, or, as shown, a lower-link shock. The unique feature on the Hopper is its flip-top opening with a magnetic closure. We got a sample in yesterday afternoon, mounted it up to a size large Santa Cruz Tallboy, and took it for a spin and a few photos. Here are the details.

Revelate Hopper Frame Bag
  • Revelate Hopper Frame Bag
  • Revelate Hopper Frame Bag

Similar to the Joey, which also launched today, the Hopper is made primarily from Revelate’s exclusive, semi-shiny VX21 fabric, which they claim offers twice the abrasion resistance as standard X-Pac. On first inspection, I was impressed with how sturdy the Hopper felt. This can be largely attributed to a single layer of foam sandwiched around its perimeter, as well as a strip of rigid HDPE plastic within the top of the bag. This not only gives it a solid feel; it appears to be designed to help keep the closure and opening taught and working properly. The sides of the bag are a single layer of VX21 and the bottom and back have a layer of ballistic nylon for added abrasion resistance.

The bag has three fixed velcro straps on the top and two movable one-wrap velcro straps on the bottom. Since the three straps on top aren’t moveable, they might interfere with some top tube bags, depending on the bag and your bike frame, but the bottom straps have four daisy chain placements, allowing it to be fitted along with other mounts or frame features.

As for fit, the Hopper seems like it’s best tailored for mountain bike frames with a sloping top tube. Out of the bikes currently at my disposal, it seems to work well with a large Timberjack hardtail, a size medium Fargo, and the large Santa Cruz Tallboy, as shown here. It doesn’t appear to fit on gravel bikes like the Kona Sutra or Salsa Cutthroat. You can download this printable template from Revelate to see how it would work with your frame prior to purchase.

Revelate Hopper Frame Bag
  • Revelate Hopper Frame Bag
  • Revelate Hopper Frame Bag
  • Revelate Hopper Frame Bag

The Revelate Hopper uses the same magnetic closure as the MagTank and MagTank 2000—both of which I’ve put a lot of miles on and have yet to have anything fly out of the opening. The simple elastic cord easily pulls down to release the magnetic clasp. And when you close it, it’s just a matter of getting them close to one another to engage it. The flap has a little overlap for weather protection and seems to work well in this position for quick access to snacks or a windbreaker, which is one of the items I had stowed away on its maiden voyage. According to Revelate, “The flap and opening are meticulously designed to work well whether the bag is empty or full to the max.” To accomplish this, the opening of the Hopper is smaller than the width of the top of the bag and has an oval shape to help keep its form. The only downside I could see is that it was a little tricky to get my mini pump in once the bag was full of other things.

  • Revelate Hopper Frame Bag
  • Revelate Hopper Frame Bag

The Hopper has four liters of packing space. As shown below, I fit a tool roll, EDC Pump/Tool, spare tube and tire lever, spare tire sealant, a 7mesh windbreaker, and my set of keys. I may have been able to squeeze in a couple bars and some trail mix, but that would pretty much max it out.

Revelate Hopper Frame Bag
  • Volume 4 liters
  • Actual Weight 6.2 oz (175 grams)
  • Place of Manufacture Oregon, USA
  • Price $79
  • Manufacturer’s Details


  • Offers a universal fit option for a lot of bikes
  • Magnetic closure provides super easy access to snacks and layers
  • Could be used as a wedge with a vertically-mounted bottle/cage on a hardtail
  • Sturdy design seems well-built and durable


  • Only comes in black
  • Fixed strap placement on top of bag might interfere with top tube bags
  • Not as optimal for space as a custom frame pack

Wrap Up

While I’ve only had the Hopper in my possession for about a day, I managed to quickly put it to use and get a feel for it. Overall, I’m impressed. I’ve always loved the MagTank closure, so I’m happy to see this quick-access system extended to another bag. And like other Revelate products, it seems very well made. The choice of materials, perimeter padding, and internal stiffener on the top all add up to make it quite solid and secure. Of course, 99% of the time, a universal fit frame pack will never utilize all of the frame triangle space like a custom made frame pack. But, if you’re looking for a bag to toss in some necessities for a long trail ride, or you think it could fit your frame well as a wedge with a bottle on the seat tube, it might be an excellent option for you.

Revelate Hopper Frame Bag


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