Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review: First Look

Revelate Designs just released the new ToolCash Wallet, an elegantly designed compact tool storage system with a few interesting features. We had the chance to give one a go for a couple of weeks prior to launch. Here are all the details…

Even with all the fancy new stashable tool storage gizmos that have come out recently, it’s hard to argue with the practicality and reliability of a good ol’ tool roll. Wrapping up all your tools and spares into a bundle not only keeps bits of your kit from getting lost, it prevents them from wearing holes into your frame bag, or wherever you might store them. I’ve been using the same DIY canvas tool roll that I made from scraps for the past six years—no complaints there. But it’s nice to see professional bag makers breathe new life into a classic solution, and the new Revelate ToolCash does just that. With a dual bi-fold design, several versatile storage areas, and two unique closures, it packs a lot into a small system. The ToolCash was just released today, but we’ve been playing with one for a couple weeks for this first look review.

Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll

The Revelate ToolCash is available in either black or blue and is constructed mostly from Revelate’s proprietary, semi-shiny, abrasion-resistant VX fabric. That keeps it fairly lightweight—ours weighed in at 56 grams (1.98oz). All told, the ToolCash has nine pockets. One side of the bi-fold features a single zippered mesh pouch, which is nice as it’s easy to see what all is inside. The other has second bi-fold that opens up vertically and secures by a small toggle that slides into a daisy-chain at the bottom. The lower part of this side has a mini tool roll with three open-ended sleeves and two thinner slots nestled behind the two sleeves on the right, making five pockets in all. The fold-up wallet has two card slots and a slide pocket behind them. The entire ToolCash neatly rolls up with a webbing compression strap and an aluminum hook, allowing you to cinch it down tightly.

  • Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll
  • Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll
  • Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll
  • Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll
  • Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll
Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll

What’s Inside

Made in collaboration with Wolf Tooth Components, the three sleeves stitched into the tool roll area were designed specifically for the cylinder-shaped EnCase tools, or other compact tools of a similar size. My EnCase tools were mounted inside the handlebars on another bike, so I decided to put together a slightly different kit for the ToolCash, one that’s heavily weighted toward tire repair. All in all, it makes (almost) a complete bikepacking tool kit suited for weeklong trips, save a few items (spare bolts, chain breaker, tubeless sealant, and spare tube). I kept my sealant and spare tube in another plastic bag at the bottom of my frame bag, and given the generous length of the ToolCash’s red compression strap, I could have easily nestled a 4oz Stan’s bottle inside as well—I later tried and it fit with room to spare. Here’s the full kit list:

Zipper Pocket

Patch kit
Curved needle and nylon thread
Super glue
Spare brake pads

Card pockets

Duct tape patch
Universal repair tape
Spare Dynaplugs
Tire boot


Dynaplug Racer tire plugger
Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers with lever, quick link pliers, two spare quick links, and other functions
Spare tire valve stem
Assorted zip ties


Spurcycle Tool

  • Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll
  • Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll

This entire kit rolled up in the ToolCash weighs in at about 275 grams and is about 3/4 the size of a Chipotle burrito—5.25″L x 3.5″W x 2″H (14 x 9 x 5cm). As shown below, you can easily fit the Wolf Tooth Chain+Tire Plug and Hex Bit Wrench tools, which would add the missing chain breaker and replace the Dynaplug and Spurcycle Tool. That shaves off 10 grams from the total weight of the kit. As mentioned, you can also add items into the roll as the compression strap has a couple extra inches of length to spare. Also note that I didn’t use the zippered pocket or the sleeved card pockets at capacity, so you could technically fit quite a few more things in the ToolCash.

  • Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll
  • Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll
  • Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll
  • Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll

Another interesting thing to consider with the Revelate ToolCash is that it seems pretty versatile. In other words, I don’t think it’s role (no pun intended) has to be relegated to just tool storage. I could see using one of these for other essentials, such as bank cards, cash, travel documents, and electronics chargers and cables that you might need readily available while traveling. It might also make a good storage system for photography gear, such as lens filters, spare batteries, cables, lens pens, cleaning cloths, and SD cards. With that said, it would be nice if Revelate offered the ToolCash in a few different colors—in addition to the black and blue options—so you could use several and they’d be easy to identify. It might also be nice if they made a larger version. A lot of stuff fits in it as is, but on a longer multi-month trip, it’s probably not quite big enough to fit a full tool kit.

Note that you can also get the special edition Wolf Tooth model with an option to include the EnCase tools. Link below…


  • Elegant strap and toggle closures keep things wrapped up tightly
  • Zippered pocket is a nice touch and allows you to see what’s inside
  • Lightweight and versatile design


  • Not big enough to contain a full tool kit for an epic multi-month trip
  • Slightly expensive; but reasonable considering it’s handmade in the USA

Wrap Up

While out bikepacking, keeping stuff tightly rolled and organized makes a big difference in packing space and preventing things from rubbing holes in other things. Rolls, pockets, zippered sleeves, and other such storage solutions can be some of your most important gear in that regard. And while it’s pretty simple to make your own tool or gear roll from recycled denim, or scraps of other gear that’s met its end, Revelate Designs did a great job at taking the humble tool roll to the next level. The ToolCash Wallet has a clever design with three different types of pockets, a nicely built closure, and a versatile size.

We’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, so we can’t speak to the ToolCash Wallet’s durability. However, it seems very well made, and if it’s like other Revelate products, it’s built to last. We’ll be sure to update this after a few thousand miles…

  • Wolf Tooth ToolCash
  • Revelate ToolCash Wallet Review, tool roll

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