The Arizona Trail Race starts on October 19th, and it’s going to be an incredibly fun one to watch. And not just for that race, but also for the the women’s Triple Crown, with several women in the running to get the fastest time in the three-race series. Our favorite singlespeeder, Alexandera Houchin, put together a list of all the times. Check it out here…

This has to be a record year in terms of the number of women going after the Triple Crown. For those unaware, the Triple Crown of bikepacking is awarded to riders who complete the Tour Divide, Colorado Trail, and Arizona Trail Race in a single season. This year, there are five women attempting to complete this heroic feat. Our friend Alexandera Houchin, one of the riders in contention put together a list of times where each of these women currently stand.

But before you dig in, as Alexandera put it, “Can we just take a moment and celebrate what Alice did all those years ago? She set the bar racing a singlespeed bike, and it’s held for nearly a decade.” Alice Drobna holds the women’s Triple Crown record with a total time of 36 days, 6 hours, and 56 minutes (36:06:56). That’s a sum of the following times: Tour Divide (19:22:04), CT (06:18:59), and AZT750 (09:13:53). Find the list of this years contenders below with their respective times. Note that the plus time next to their names represents how much time they’re behind the leader, Lael Wilcox. Thanks for putting this together, Alexandera, and good luck!

Lael Wilcox

Tour Divide 16:20:00
CTR 05:08:17
Running total 22:04:17

Katya Rakhmatulina +0:6:24

Tour Divide 17:08:48
CTR 05:01:53
Running total 22:10:41

Alexandera Houchin (SS) +2:04:40

Tour Divide (34×17) 18:18:26
CT (32×23) 05:14:31
Running total 24:08:57

Hannah Simon +02:14:24

Tour Divide 18:11:13
CTR 06:07:28
Running total 24:18:41

Kristen Tonsager +06:03:25

Tour Divide 21:17:56
CTR 06:13:46
Running total 28:07:42

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