Plastic tire levers weighing you down? Affinity Cycles just launched a premium carbon fiber tire lever that is said to be lighter, tougher, and more durable than existing options. Learn more here…

Although carbon fiber tire levers might not be the most popular upgrade, it’s no secret that cheaply made, plastic tire levers break and get thrown out—and that’s no good. New York City-based Affinity Cycles has designed a US-made carbon fiber tire lever that is apparently much stronger and durable than traditional levers, while also being rim-friendly whether you’re riding alloy or carbon rims.

Affinity Cycles Carbon Tire Lever
  • Affinity Cycles Carbon Tire Lever
  • Affinity Cycles Carbon Tire Lever

The levers are constructed from both unidirectional and 3k woven carbon fiber, feature dual-sided ergonomics, and are designed and manufactured in-house at Affinity HQ in Brooklyn, New York. The are priced at $25/pair and are available online through and from your local bike shop via J&B importers. Affinity doesn’t provide an exact weight, but we’ve reached out to find out and will update this post when we know.

Due to demand, levers are being sold on a made to order basis as Affinity ramps up production.



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