In Episode 2 of Enve’s All Terrain Bicycle Challenge web series, contestants go on a shakedown ride to get a glimpse of what Vermont’s Class IV backcountry is all about. Watch this week’s fun and misery-filled ATB show here…

Photos by Ian William Matteson (@analogstrikesback), courtesy of ENVE Composites

Episode one of the ATB Challenge introduced the five contestants and how they customized their bikes for a challenging ATB course designed by Ronnie Romance. Episode two heads into the Vermont backcountry to give riders a taste of the World’s Most Challenging ATB Route. Will Lauren’s racing pedigree help her rise to the top? Can Bethel’s knowledge of the course’s true difficulty be an advantage? Is Ronnie’s pessimism a premonition of what’s in store for the group? Watch below to find out. And find episode one linked in the Related grid below.

“ATB is holistic. You need all three disciplines to succeed.”

  • All Terrain Bicycle Challenge Episode 2
  • All Terrain Bicycle Challenge Episode 2
All Terrain Bicycle Challenge Series

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