Fitness company Whoop just published an article about the strain placed on Lachlan Morton during his Alt Tour, which includes some fascinating analysis of his ride versus that of the Tour de France competitors. Find details here…

Fitness company Whoop just published an interesting article about some of Lachlan Morton’s data from the Alt Tour, a challenge he recently finished by completing all of the stages of the Tour de France totally self-supported. In case you’re unfamiliar, Whoop is a wearable fitness tracker that offers some unique tools and insight for training and performance. Our own Neil Beltchenko uses one and speaks quite highly of it (watch this video for more of his thoughts). In Whoop’s latest blog post, they look at the “Strain” and “Recovery” metrics that Lachlan Morton experienced during his 18-day 5,510km Alt Tour versus those the Tour de France athletes experienced during their 23-day 3,413km event.

Alt Tour vs Tour de France

“When you do a regular Grand Tour, from the second you finish a stage until the second you start the next stage, everything’s dedicated around getting you to recover physically for the next stage,” Lachlan explained. “So you get the best sleep, you get massages, you get the best food. Whereas here I ride twice as long each day, so that already cuts massively into any recovery time, and then you’ve got to sort out all those things yourself.”

Lachlan averaged about five to six hours of sleep per night during the Alt Tour, and after his 10th day of riding, he said, “I’ve had probably on average two hours of sleep less than I normally would [per night during the Tour]. My WHOOP recovery score after last night was 33% because there was a bullfighting contest going on next to my campsite.”

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