Bowhead’s latest video offers an inspiring take on the daily commute and a reminder that even the shortest of rides can be turned into an adventure with the right mindset. Follow Bowhead founder Christian Bagg’s morning ride across Calgary here…

For many of us, daily commutes add up to a significant portion of our total time on the bike each year, even if it’s only a few miles each way. As much as we might wish that time could be spent riding a loaded bikepacking rig in a dream destination, the reality is that getting from A to B each morning and evening is often the most riding we can hope for on the average weekday.

So, why not shake things up and make those brief rides as interesting as possible, rather than taking the straightest path? Bowhead founded Chirstian Bagg does exactly that in the brand’s latest short video, which showcases his commute to Bowhead HQ in Calgary, Canada, and serves as a visually stunning reminder to avoid getting caught up in the trap of the routine. Get to know some of Christian’s story and follow his morning ride in the video below:

“It’s not because I don’t have a car. It’s because I like riding bikes, and any opportunity to do that is huge to me…”
  • Bowhead, Christian Bagg
  • Bowhead, Christian Bagg
  • Bowhead, Christian Bagg
Bowhead, Christian Bagg

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