Late last night, Brett Stepanik became the first person to finish the 375-mile Ozark Gravel Doom route in Arkansas, crushing the entire route in just 3 days, 12 hours, and 9 minutes. Find more details and photos here…

Photos by Patrick Farnsworth (@bikesordeath)

Not only did Brett Stepanik (@brettstepanik) just become to the first person to complete the Ozark Gravel Doom route in Arkansas, but he pushed through some seriously challenging conditions to make it happen. At the finish, Brett said, “I haven’t been warm since Tuesday morning when I left the Parthenon post office.” At some point last night, some folks mentioned it was as cold as 9°F (-12°C) with the wind chill, and it’s safe to say Brett was probably wearing all of the layers he brought with to close out his ride. What’s more, he completed the route on a Chumba singlespeed, no less, equipped with what looks to be the new Surly Corner Bar.

Stepanik Gravel Doom
  • Stepanik Gravel Doom
  • Stepanik Gravel Doom

That’s all we’ve got for now, but a huge congrats to Brett on his accomplishment. We’ll be sure to share more stories as they become available. Nice work, Brett! You can see more from Brett’s ride on the Ozark Gravel Doom Instagram feed, including more photos from Patrick, route creator Andrew Onermaa, and photographer Kai Caddy.



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