In an effort to reduce waste by increasing their product lifespans, Brooks England recently announced the “Take Care” sustainability initiative, through which they’ve published a series of guides and videos on maintaining, repairing, and recycling their saddles and other products. Have a Brooks saddle or bag in need of some TLC? Learn more here…

Earlier this month, Brooks England rolled out their new Take Care sustainability initiative, through which they’re working to help reduce waste by offering additional resources that enable Brooks product owners to maintain, repair, and recycle their products themselves. Whether it’s providing tips to give a bit of care to your everyday saddle or helping breathe some new life into a retired one by offering inexpensive replacement parts and home repair tutorials, the program aims to extend the life of their products and keep them out of landfills. The Take Care program has three facets: Maintain, Repair, and Recycle. Find a brief look at all three below.


As Brooks puts it, “In a disposable world, we choose to create bike saddles, bags, and accessories that break in, not wear out,” but in order to ensure a long life for your products, some regular maintenance is essential. Whether it’s a backpack, saddle, or bikepacking bag, you’ll find video tutorials on how to do things such as adjust the tension on your leather saddle and protect your Scape bikepacking bags or saddle for a long life of happy riding over on the Maintain page. They’re also selling care kits that include Proofide, polish, cloths, a saddle spanner, and a wooden brush.

  • Brooks England Take Care
  • Brooks England Take Care
  • Brooks England Take Care


As an additional option beyond sending your saddle to Brooks for repair, they’ve just made spare parts easy and inexpensive to purchase online and launched a series of how-to videos so you can repair items yourself. The new videos cover topics such as fixing saddle springs, replacing Cambium rivets and nosepieces, and fixing rips in Scape bikepacking bags, driving home their belief that “out of commission needn’t mean down for the count.” Find the videos and a link to buy spares on the Repair page.

  • Brooks England Take Care
  • Brooks England Take Care


Brooks’ recycling program gives customers the option to return items that have outlived their usefulness so they can be broken down into their individual elements and recycled into raw materials to be used in new products and other applications. They also offer a step-by-step guide to at-home recycling of your saddle if you want to take care of doing it yourself. Check out the disassembly guide or find details on how to return your saddle to Brooks on the Recycle page.

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