In this video, Restrap interviews employee Carl Hopps about his bike and gear the day before he set off to take on this year’s GBDuro. Carl is now in fifth place in the GBduro standings after taking third in Stage 2. Watch it here…

Carl Hopps is a 34-year-old from Leeds who works in Restrap’s cutting department. He’s previously ridden the PennDuro, WalesDuro, Dales Divide, TransEngland, Festive 500, and just the other day came in third on Stage 2 in the GBduro. He also currently holds the fifth spot in the overall standings for the event. We just got word of this video interview with Carl about how he prepared for the GBduro, so we thought we’d share it as part of our continued coverage of the event. Watch it below and scroll down for another video with Carl walking through his rig setup, and be sure to follow our ongoing reports of the 2021 GBduro on our Tracker page. The main photo above shows Carl on day two of the GBduro Stage 1 (from our coverage, by @tommy.check).

  • Carl Hopps GBduro Video
  • Carl Hopps GBduro Video



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