We’re giving away three sets of American Classic tires for Collective Reward #097, and winners can choose from any of five new models in their new gravel range. Find details here…

Following the recent announcement of their return to the cycling scene and launch of eight all-new tires, we’ve teamed up with American Classic to offer a set of gravel tires to three randomly selected Bikepacking Collective members in the United States—a $70 value. Our winners will be able to choose from any of American Classic’s five freshly launched gravel models. These include the Kimberlite, Aggregate, Udden, Wentworth, and Krumbein, all of which are tubeless-ready and available in 700 x 40mm, 700 x 50mm, or 650 x 47mm sizes, and with black or tan sidewalls. Find a quick overview of all five tires below.

  • American Classic Tires
  • American Classic Tires
Kimberlite (left) and Aggregate (right)


Thanks to the perfect balance of volume and a fast-rolling tread, the Kimberlite is the go-anywhere tire that rides like a road tire on the pavement and hooks up on the dirt roads and hardpack singletrack you’re relentlessly seeking. A continuous center section rolls smoothly with minimal resistance, while strong side knobs let you lean into dirt corners. A tubeless-ready 120 TPI casing and three-layer Stage 5S flat protection provide a responsive handling tire that staves off most punctures to keep you rolling.


The Aggregate is our adventure road and gravel tire, created for minimal road vibration and consistent traction. Precisely spaced tread knobs provide predictable handling across pavement, compact dirt, and variable mixed terrain. Our signature Rubberforce G compound is designed to hook up in dirt from east to west, with Stage 5S bead-to-bead flat protection and Tubeless-Ready casing for maximum puncture protection to keep rolling across almost anything.

  • American Classic Tires
  • American Classic Tires
  • American Classic Tires
Udden (left), Wentworth (center), and Krumbien (right)


The Udden features an innovative, fast-rolling, mud-clearing tread design for riding through the worst conditions without sacrificing pedaling efficiency on hardpack. Central chevrons maintain straight-line speed while widely spaced side knobs allow you to carve through ruts and muddy corners and power over the top of slippery transitions. The Udden is a versatile tire — air them up for the pavement ride out of town, let it down to a lower PSI for improved traction when the county service ends. Our Stage 5S flat protection and a tubeless-ready 120 TPI casing will keep you rolling through the harshest conditions.


The Wentworth features tightly-spaced, low-profile center knobs with more aggressive cornering tread for an efficient tire that works well across a variety of hardpack and gravel conditions without sacrificing traction through muddy and loamy sections. The Wentworth is suited for long days of aimless exploration and lining up on rainy race days where anything could be around the next corner. Bead-to-bead Stage 5S flat protection and a tubeless-ready 120 TPI casing help to keep the miles rolling by through harsh gravel conditions.


The Krumbein is designed for gravel roads and any singletrack trail that may lie around the corner. Aggressive side lugs provide cornering grip across loose and muddy transitions, while chamfered center tread lugs help to minimize rolling resistance without sacrificing off-road traction. A Tubeless-Ready 120 TPI casing with our bead-to-bead Stage 5S flat protection provides a responsive riding tire that can fend off most punctures and tears.

  • American Classic Tires
  • American Classic Tires
  • American Classic Tires

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You can find additional details about all eight new tire models over at AmClassic.com.

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