The Canadian-made Reform Seymour is a unique thermo-moldable saddle that conforms to your shape and position on the bike, and we’re giving away two of them for our latest Collective Reward. Find out how to win one here…

Designed to relieve unwanted pressure by ensuring equal weight distribution, the made-in-Canada Reform Seymour is what the brand confidently calls “the world’s best fitting saddle.” Using an on-bike thermo-molding technology, the Seymour is a truly custom saddle that changes its shape to suit your exact riding position. Miles published his review of Reform’s saddle last month after spending several months riding one, and now we’re giving a Seymour to two randomly selected members of our Bikepacking Collective, a $399 value for each lucky winner.

Reform Saddle Review

Weighing in at just 197 grams, the Seymour measures 142mm wide by 252mm long and is built with carbon rails and a microfibre polyurethane-covered foam upper that houses a heating unit. When plugged in, it enables the saddle to form to your specific anatomy and sit bone structure. If you swap to a different bike, the Seymour can be re-molded to suit your new riding position. From Miles’ experience riding more than 1,500 kilometers on his Seymour, he found it to be durable and comfortable, writing that the high-tech thermo-molding technology “is very interesting and actually works.” You can learn more by visiting or checking out our review here.

  • Reform Saddle Review
  • Reform Saddle Review

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