For Collective Reward #159, we’re giving an eco-friendly, plant-based mountainFLOW Bike Maintenance Kit to a couple of randomly selected winners. Learn more about the 10-piece kit and how to win one here…

Cleaning and maintenance are an essential part of keeping your bikepacking rig running smoothly before and after the journey, and many folks resort to using chemicals and plastics that can be bad for your health and the planet. Carbondale, Colorado-based mountainFLOW has an alternative vision that focuses on plastic-free, eco-friendly, and plant-based products to “give you all the shine with none of the guilt.” For our latest Collective Reward giveaway, they’re hooking up two members of our Bikepacking Collective with one of their new $99 Bike Maintenance Kits, a 10-piece kit that includes most of what you need to keep your bike spotless and running as intended. Find out what’s inside below.

Mountain Flow Bike Maintenance Kit

MountainFLOW Bike Maintenance Kit Contents

New for this summer, mountainFLOW took their classic Whole Enchilada Kit and tucked it into a bamboo box that doubles as a wash basin. The complete non-toxic Bike Maintenance Kit features three towels, two brushes, two sprays, and two lubes. There are no nasty PFCs or PFAs, and the products are made from plants instead of petroleum. You can find additional details over at

  • BIKE LUBE for all conditions and all seasons. Plant-based + biodegradable.
  • BIKE WASH + DEGREASER that’s strong enough to degrease your drivetrain but gentle enough to use on the entire bike.
  • BIKE POLISH that adds a brilliant shine to your bike and helps protect it from dust and grime.
  • BIKE GREASE for your non-drivetrain related lubrication.
  • BAMBOO CLEANING BRUSH for your frame with super soft bristles to clean your whole bike.
  • BAMBOO CLEANING BRUSH for your drivetrain with stiff bristles to remove the toughest grime from your chain and cassette.
  • BAMBOO + COTTON BIKE TOWELS that are free from microplastics. The set includes a durable cotton drivetrain cloth for your chain and groupset, a soft + strong microfiber towel to clean your frame, and wicked soft bamboo velvet polishing towel for making everything shine.
  • Mountain Flow Bike Maintenance Kit
  • Mountain Flow Bike Maintenance Kit
  • Mountain Flow Bike Maintenance Kit

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