The new Crane E-ne Revolver Bell uses a unique rotating wheel striker and versatile design that can be mounted in a number of different positions on your bars. Check it out here…

A good bell might not seem like the most important accessory for your bike, but for commuting, general riding, and even bikepacking trips that cross through urban areas, they can be worth their weight in gold. A friendly “ding!” will always beat an “on your left!” and has a greater impact on hiker/biker relations than you might think.

Crane Revolver Bell

Crane Bell Co. just announced the newest offering within their E-ne line, the E-ne Revolver. Instead of a traditional lever-actuated dinger, the Revolver uses a rotating wheel that omits a rapid-fire of bright, loud dings. The design also allows the bell it be mounted in nearly any position on the bars, on the left or right side, which they claim to be easier to reach and more ergonomic as well. The Crane E-ne Revolver Bell features all-metal construction, including a brass dome, and comes one a single stealth black finish. It can be fitted to 22.2, 24.0, and 25.4mm diameter bars.

Crane Revolver Bell
  • Crane Revolver Bell
  • Crane Revolver Bell
  • Material: Brass Dome
  • Place of Manufacture: Japan
  • Price: $39.99 USD
  • Manufacturer’s Details:

Check in with your local Crane Bell Co. dealer to get one for yourself.



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