The new super-wide Curve Carbon Walmer Bar is optimized for rough off-road riding, maxes out at 650mm wide, and leaves plenty of room for bags and other handlebar-mounted accessories. Check it out here…

Curve released the original alloy Walmer Bar in 2019, with widths ranging from 460mm to 600mm. It wasn’t the first ultra-wide drop bar available—the Crust Towel Rack has that claim—but it was the widest in the drops at 750mm. Named after a narrow pedestrian/cycle bridge over the Yarra River in Melbourne, the Walmer Bar offers plenty of room for handlebar bags and other accessories, and the new Curve Carbon Walmer Bar retains all of these features while introducing an array of improvements only carbon can offer.

curve carbon walmer bar
  • curve carbon walmer bar
  • curve carbon walmer bar

The Curve Carbon Walmer Bar is being released in the three most popular sizes: 43, 46, and 50cm (measured from hood to hood). The drop-to-drop measurement for the widest option is 65cm, which is among the widest carbon drop bars available. It features a reinforced 31.8mm clamp area with plenty of room for mounting accessories such as clip-on aero bars and GPS devices.

“After years of CAD modelling, prototyping and testing it is very satisfying to see the carbon Walmer Bar hit the market. We have been overwhelmed with requests for a carbon Walmer Bar since the release of the alloy version in 2019. The new carbon version focuses on weight reduction, improved comfort, better cable management, while passing the stringent testing, beyond industry norms, for cross country mountain bike use,” said Jimmy Rostlund, Curve’s Technical Lead.

  • curve carbon walmer bar
  • curve carbon walmer bar
  • curve carbon walmer bar
Curve Carbon Walmer Bar

The Carbon Walmer Bar has a molded recessed area for clean cable routing, weighs less than the alloy version, has ovalized tops for increased comfort on long rides, and the compliance of a carbon construction means they offer more comfort on rough terrain than the alloy version.

Depending on the width, the bar weighs between 304 and 334 grams, which shaves about 80 grams off the alloy version. They have a 30-degree flare, 107mm drop, 62.5-65mm reach, and retail for $500 AUD (~$300 USD), whcich is more than double the cost of the alloy model.

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