YouTuber Elliot Andal built a small, easy-to-ride, easy(ish)-to-build, DIY cargo bike with minimal tools, an old steel frame, some scrap parts, and a little creativity. Watch the video documenting the process here…

Australia-based Elliot Andal wanted to build a small cargo bike with only the tools he had on hand, an old 26-inch GT mountain bike frame, a 20″ BMX fork, some 25.4mm steel tubing, a basket, and some scraps, including another headtube and fork steerer. The resulting 26/20″ DIY cargo bike looks pretty cool. You can watch the video he made documenting the process to learn how to make a DIY cargo bike of your own.

  • DIY Cargo Bike video
  • DIY Cargo Bike video
DIY Cargo Bike video


In addition to the necessary safety equipment (a welding mask, gloves, eye protection, etc.), Elliot suggests that you could probably build the bike with the “must have” tools listed below. However, he also mentioned some additional tools that will make life a lot easier.

Must have tools

  • Welder
  • Hacksaw
  • Hammer
  • File set
  • Ruler and straight edge
  • Electric drill and bits
  • Centre punch
  • Basic bike tools (Allen keys, cable cutters, BB tools, etc.)

Additional Tools

  • Angle grinder with a zip disc and flap disc
  • Spirit level
  • C-clamps of various sizes
  • Heavy threaded rod with some fitting nuts and washers
  • Various adjustable spanners
  • Drill press

Elliot also suggested that community bike shops are often a very good source of parts, frames, forks, and random components. “Make friends with the people there, and they will usually be happy to help get your project going,” he said.

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