We recently spotted a fantastic sketch from Doom Bars that illustrates various handlebar sweeps and what they mean for the rider. Take a closer look at the cheeky Doom Sweep Zones diagram here…

Handlebar sweep is a contentious subject among cyclists. On one hand, you have more traditional mountain bikers with relatively little sweep, and on the other, you have commuters with mega-swept-back bars for ultimate comfort. Where do bikepackers fit in? Is 5° enough? Is anything over 15° too cruisy? Over the weekend, Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Doom Bars posted a great sketch of handlebar sweep zones and what they mean for the user. Check it out, read some thoughts from Doom Bars Founder Keaton Haire, and let us know your thoughts on handlebar sweep in the discussion below.

  • doom sweep zones
  • doom sweep zones
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Here’s what Keaton had to say about their Sweep Zones sketch: “We’ve traveled deep into the various sweep zones and tried our best to accurately define their perimeters. While some might disagree with our findings. Years of theoretic and real world testing have solidified our results. For the most part, there is no such thing as the “wrong sweep,” but one must be cautious about deviating too far from an appropriate sweep. Diving into the Nothing Even Matters Anymore Zone can be dangerous if one isn’t prepared for existential crisis. And we don’t recommend anyone enter the Pain Cave, ever.”

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