Elite Cycling (makers of the the ultralight Fly water bottle) just released the JET, a new water bottle made of biodegradable plastic in 550, 750 and 950 ml sizes.

Best known for their insanely lightweight FLY bottle, ELITE is a self-financed brand that manufactures its products locally in Italy. The JET is their latest offering, made with a biodegradable plastic material. To be more specific, the bottle compound is treated with a special additive that reduces the time it takes for it to decompose when introduced to industrial composting processes. According to Elite, this enables the microorganisms responsible for biodegradation to attack the polymeric chain of the plastic, thus significantly reducing the time it takes for the bottle to degrade (3 months to 5 years). Regular plastic products are estimated to take 100 to 1000 years for decomposition.

Elite Jet Biodegradable water bottle

The JET features the Elite cap also found on Elite’s FLY bottle. The cap has an ergonomic design with a soft, odorless, and tasteless push-pull nozzle that Elite claims “is easy to open and close in the midst of a race.” Elite further states that JET is BPA free and contains no substances that are hazardous to human health.

  • Elite Jet Biodegradable water bottle
  • Elite Jet Biodegradable water bottle
  • Elite Jet Biodegradable water bottle

The JET’s ergonomic design has a tapered top for ease of handling with a standard 74mm diameter that can be used with all commercially available bottle cages. It also has a scale on the side to measure water, a handy feature for following backcountry cooking recipes, perhaps.

JET is available in three sizes—550 ($7.99), 750 ($8.99), and 950 ml ($9.99)—and four colors (clear, clear gray, black, and yellow). Find more information about the JET biodegradable bottle over at www.elite-it.com.



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