e*thirteen just announced their second generation TRS Plus Cassettes, including a 556% range 9-50T 12-speed version and a 511% range 9-46T 11-speed offering. Read on for details, plus the first of our photos from Sea Otter Classic…

According to e*thirteen, their new TRS Plus Cassettes feature a revised architecture and provide better shifting. New to the lineup is the TRS Plus 9-50T 12-Speed Cassette, with an unmatched 556% range, weighing in at only 398 grams. The TRS Plus 9-46T 11-Speed Cassette still offers the same 511% range, but now uses 10 steel and 1 aluminum cog. It’s designed to resist wear better than the previous version, which used 8 steel and 3 aluminum cogs. Both have a replaceable aluminum large cog and a pinch bolt for ease of installation. Here are the details on each, along with a few photos from Sea Otter Classic.

e*thirteen 12-speed cassette, 9-50t


COGS: 2 Aluminum (42-50T), 10 Steel (9-36T)
TEETH: 9,11,13,15,17,20, 23, 27, 31, 36, 42, 50
INTENDED USE: XC,Trail, Enduro
RANGE: 556%
WEIGHT: 398g
MSRP: $299 / €305 (Including VAT)

  • e*thirteen 12-speed cassette, 9-50t
  • e*thirteen 11-speed cassette, 9-46t


COGS: 1 Aluminum (46T), 10 Steel (9-39T)
TEETH: 9, 10, 12, 14, 17, 20, 24, 28, 33, 39, 46
INTENDED USE: XC,Trail, Enduro, eBike
RANGE: 511%
WEIGHT: 390g
MSRP: $249 / €255 (Including VAT)

e*thirteen 11-speed cassette, 9-46t
  • e*thirteen 11-speed cassette, 9-46t
  • e*thirteen 11-speed cassette, 9-46t

The new TRS+ 9-46T Cassette is available now, and the 9-50T version will be available on May 1st. Learn more about e*thirteen’s entire line of TRS Plus Cassettes over at ByTheHive.com. And stay tuned for lots more news and reportage from this year’s Sea Otter Classic.

e*thirteen 12-speed cassette, 9-50t



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