London-based Fairlight Cycles just updated their Faran 2.0 with two new color choices: a stunning “moss” paint job and a timeless “black” option. Find details on both here…

Designed in London and made in mainland Europe, the Fairlight Faran 2.0 is a thoughtfully designed gravel bike packed with utilitarian features and smart details. It’s loaded with mounting points, has clearance for 700 x 50mm tires, and features Bentley Components dropouts with stainless steel inserts and CNC-machined brake mounts.

Here’s how Logan wrapped up his in-depth review of the Faran: “Fairlight’s tagline—Fit, Function, Form—pretty well sums up the two co-founders’ backgrounds, design ethos, and the Faran 2.0 itself from what I can tell from my research and what I’ve gathered during my time with the bike. There’s a whole lot to love about the Faran 2.0, which all points back to good design on many levels. Above all else, the tubeset is impressively plush and responsive and built around a highly versatile geometry and suite of provisions.”

Faran 2022 Colors
  • Faran 2022 Colors
  • Faran 2022 Colors

Fairlight Cycles just added two new Faran color options: Moss and Black. Both are available now and will be offered alongside the continuing option of Winter Bracken. Black will be limited to one one batch. The Faran features Fairlight’s proportional geometry, which lets riders pick between regular (R) and tall (T) versions of their full run of 51cm to 61cm sizes, for a total of 10 size options. Sizes, colors, and add-ons are available upon checkout and require a £625 deposit to get things started.

  • Faran 2022 Colors
  • Faran 2022 Colors

Head over to to learn more and make sure to check out Logan’s detailed review linked below.

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